My Hair Issue is Fixed…I think

So I am gonna keep my hair short, but i am going to go shorter. Not short short but like a good length. Im inspired by Rihanna’s hair. I’m going to keep my color but cut it the same.

Then for prom its going to look like this. I hope it turns out good. Please if you have any suggestions please let me know asap! ­čÖé Thanks

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In my last post I created an outfit that was called classy red. The outfit was adorable. The only problem was that I found all the garments on polyvore and well everything on polyvore is extremely pricey. So I found similar garments to re-create this look that is affordable and also ties into my vintage blog. So I looked for the same kind of look but that was vintage. First I found a top at Forever21, its ruffled and is a cream color. The fit is flowly, and the fabric is also laced. The pants you can get anywhere, just any black dress pants will do. (: The ones I chose for this outfit are from Kohls. They are just like any other pair of dress pants. The shoes I found are from Aldo. And then you add the accessories, for this outfit, I added a pair of red earings from Kohls. Thats all the outfit needed.

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Classy Red

This picture really caught my eye. The back and white really shines through the red. So I wanted to create an outfit using these colors. The White shirt on black pants make the outfit very professional. Then once you add the Red accessories you get a professional classy outfit. The shoes are a vivid red with ruffles making the shoes compliment your legs in those skinny dress pants. And the earings bring some color to your face.

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Prom is a big deal right? There is so much that has to be done for prom. Girl have to get their hair done, buy a dress, shoes, nails, etc. The dresses are expensive and also you dont want to have the same dress as someone else. So you want to be unique, but not too unique to where you stand out to much. The places I looked for a dress was at Windsor┬áand Debs online, The┬ádresses are expensive but they are all very┬ácute. And if you look long┬áenough you will find the right one in your size. Deb’s had many dresses and i found the ones I like there the most. These are my Top 5 favorite.

Sweetheart Party Dress– $49.99

Strapless Ruffle Dress Navy-$39.99

Strapless Ruffle Dress Light Pink-$39.99

-´╗┐´╗┐ Floral Jacquard Pocket Dress-$30.00

Twist and Shine Dress-$59.99

I Like these colors. I really like the Fair pink dresses. of course there where a ton more dresses I looked at but these were my favorite. Im still not sure if I am going to Prom or not but I definately want to go.

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My Hair Dilema

My entire life, I have had long hair. Half way through my sophomore year i finally convinced my mom to let me cute my hair. I cut off 10 1/2 inches! So crazy! I have had short hair for over a year now, but now I am starting to miss my long hair again. This is where you come in. What should I do?!? Do I grow it back long or do I keep it the same as it is. Or something else?

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Taylor Swift trys a new style

Taylor swift is known for her Country style. For this photoshoot for teen vogue, she steps out of that style and trys something new. This photoshoot is for the march issue in 2009.I like Taylor in this style and I hope she steps out and contiues to try new styles. I think she can pull off anything.

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Emma Watson

Emma Watson does this video for teen vogue and it caught my eye with the castle. I love the clothes she wears in this photoshoot. They are eclectic but vintage. The location gives the right feel for the clothes. I like Emma Watson, she is flawless and I have been a fan of her since Harry Potter.

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